Modern Warfare 2

In the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there is an inclusion of weapon called white phosphorus. One can also see white phosphorus in action when the game is played.

After some players used boosting services like Boosthive to use this weapon too often some mechanics may be reconsiderated and chenged.

Here you can find out more about this mechanic:

White phosphorus has been used by US military in the past. It blankets an area in harsh white smoke and reduces visibility. Continuing fighting then becomes very difficult for infantry on ground. It is a horrific weapon in totality because it can burn through muscle and bone.

White phosphorus is nevertheless legal under Chemical Weapons Convention, while it is not used as a weapon but is used to camouflage movement.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, white phosphorus is a Killstreak reward. It is a special weapon one gets to access as a reward for a long streak of beating opponents without dying.

When used in the multiplayer video game, affected player’s screens go black and white. The weapon also causes a small amount of damage over gamers. Picking up enemy players becomes tougher.

But eventually, the gas clears up and things resume to normal. The effect however lasts for a pretty long time.

The reason why use of white phosphorus in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has drawn criticism is that while it is a horrific weapon in reality, it is used for fun in a multiplayer video game.

In reality, horrific weapons have been shown to journalist in prior Call of Duty games. They appeared as Killstreak rewards. Infinity Ward is now trying to unify player experience across different modes.

Art director Joel Emslie has expressed that through the narrative experience, Modern Warfare is trying to make the game more realistic. It is for this reason that they use equipment, weapons and technologies derived from the real world.

The experience is narrative in entirety. Call of Duty games features a landscape and a Universe. People care about each other in the multi player mode. They use the same things from the same universe. They have fun at it, and care about it.

Multiple players in Call of Duty games are like different actors from the same movie. Some players who play the games may be disturbed and have a traumatic past. There are others who have a devil may care kind of attitude. But different players in Call of Duty games are like different characters from the same film.