Why Modern Warfare 2 cost so much


The retail price of Modern Warfare 2 as £54.99 is in fact five pounds more than most new video game releases. And it is sure that other publishers are likely to follow the suit of Activision. What can be the reason for this high price.

Publishers say that the exchange rates between the Euro and the pound are in fact making it difficult for them to show an acceptable operating margin in the UK market. However, there are many companies such as airline ticket sales, and retail sites which can operate in different countries and markets with no significant markup. They also defend themselves by saying that the development costs for next gen software has rose at a time when the take-up on these machines is slower than expected. They even say further that as a result of this the opportunity to sell more units is limited.

All these have drawn a furious response from consumers as well as from the retailers. Comment also comes in news that the price hike would be temporary – at least for the larger chain stores.

Well, whatever be the case, the ultimate consumers will never consider that Activision is justified in setting its own higher prices.

Readers of this website and fans of Modern Warfare 2 is requested to quote some reasonable prices at which they would like to have this game and let the people from Activision give a second thought on the price.