What gamers want of Modern Warfare 2


A survey was made by a website that asked readers for feedback about what weapons gamers like to see in Modern Warfarer 2. The website received overwhelming responses. There were 1,500 replies in the comments section of the website.

A lot of gamers wanted to see more weapon customization and there were a lot of requests for more pistols, sub machine guns and rifles like the FAMAS. A good deal of gamers also wished to see a perk that will allow for two attachments for their primary weapons.

There were also hundreds of gamers who were simply posting endless lists of weapons complete with model numbers.

The things, very few, that most of the gamers would not want in Modern Warfare 2 is the Silenced snipers and a return for the Juggernaut perk.

These were just a snippets from the feedback of the website. Wish someone from Infinity Ward stumbles on this and may take all such requests into consideration. Let’s hope for better.