Juggernaut sucks for gamers comments readers


Yesterday we put up an article about what the gamers want in Modern Warfare 2. We have received a good number of comments and it is still flowing in. Few of the comments are really very rational and hope that it gives the Infinity Ward people a serious look before the launch of the game.

One of the serious gamer wrote, “I would really love to see attachments for my primary weapon, along with silenced sniper rifles! Juggernaut sucks when you play against it, but its still part of the game and gives and extra challenge.”

Just check what one more reader writes about the juggernaut. He writes, “I don’t even use juggernaut; I use stopping power. Although if they do get rid of juggernaut, then I think they need to get rid of stopping power also. These two perks were designed to be in the game together. People that bitch about juggernaut are just babies who need to get better at the game. I hope they don’t get rid of juggernaut and keep stopping power just because a bunch of bitches are complaining about their lack of skill.”

We welcome more such serious comments from gamers who are waiting desperately for the game to be launched on the scheduled day of 10th November.