Call of Duty 6 Perk Ideas – v2


The reason I made a version two of this post is because of the MASSIVE popularity of the original. The blog post had 200 comments and the forum post has 14 pages. The topic of which perks will be in Modern Warfare 2 is clearly an important subject, so here we go again with round 2 of the discussion.

Don’t forget to stop by the forum if you get a chance. And yes, I know the header is F’d up and I’m working on that issue…

The other post I made a couple weeks ago is totally over loaded with replies. It has almost 200 comments on the blog post plus however many pages on the forum thread. Clearly this topic is one that’s important to people, so I made this post with a better and longer list.

Eventually I’d like to put all the perk ideas into a poll and let users vote on which one they like the best, then maybe we can forward the results to IW.

Before you do anything, check out the official IW idea page. You can submit your ideas directly to Infinity Ward.


FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS NOT NOOBISH, PLEASE GET RID OF MARTYDOM. PLEASE. I mean for gods sakes, at least with noobstand you have to use SOME SORT of skill to shoot people. Martyrdom is just a terrible perk that was invented by the devil. Every time a noob gets a martyrdom kill, god kills a kitten. You don’t hate kittens do you IW devs? For the sake of the kittens, make it stop!

Bring Back the Friends Feature

Treyarch, bless their little hearts, tried their best with WaW, the friends feature is one of the few good things they managed to get done. Bring the friends option back but I’d like to have an option to be alerted when a friend comes online or enters a server.

Better Stats

Can’t we get some sort of stats tracking that would give you your global rank? Almost like an online AWSTATS only for Call of Duty. I’d love to know what my global rank is…I wonder if I’m in the top 5,000? Top 10,000? I think Battlefield has this but I’m not sure because I only play COD.

More Weapon Attachments / More Combos

The ability to use a combo like ACOG + Silencer. This could possibly cause balance issues for the devs, I don’t know, but it would be cool. Also just more attachments in general to choose from.

Reduce Recoil

This perk would make the AK47 completely SICK. I suspect the devs would run into some balance issues with this perk. But still a nice idea.

Monkey: ability to climb trees

Awesome idea IMO. Would be great for sniping too. I played on a few custom maps where you could climb trees and it was really fun. I’d love to see this. A more interactive environment would be awesome.

Destructible Environment

I think this is a great idea. It’s kind of silly when you call an airstrike on a little tiny shack and the shack protects you from like 3 x 500LB bombs. If they don’t make walls destructible with things like nades and launchers, at least make them destructible when an airstrike is called ya know? Unless there are no airstrikes in COD6 in which case disregard this entire post.

Pick Up Grenades and Flashes

Makes good sense, you can pick up guns and ammo, why not flashes and nades?

Increase Running Speed Perk (not stamina)

A perk for being able to run faster. Would be nice for people who like to knife and use shotty.

Something after 7 kills

Personally I’d like to see one more thing, perhaps a nice little something at like 15 kills. It kind of sucks to get to 15+ in a row and have nothing to look forward to. Even something at 20 would be cool.

Play Dead

Previously discussed, self explanatory.

Control the heli + able to be killed while in the heli

“After you get a 7 kill streak and call your chopper you will be the one actually responsible for kills. You are the machine gunner. Your helicopter cannot be shot down but you can be shot off of the mounted machine gun. Once you are shot your helicopter flys away.” Idea pulled from this post on the forum.

Character Customization

There should be a little more customization to the characters than just weapons, everyone is different. I mean for each side (green and red) there should be certain outfits you can choose from. Or instead of doing that, have options for Clans to make their own uniform from head to toe. Example- You join a clan you gain options to have custom fittings for your character, and you unlock more as more of the people in the clan ranks get higher and higher, you get more options. And the Clan leader chooses the colors and symbol for the clan. Maybe you unlock more things as you reach a prestige.

Remove eavesdrop

Nobody uses it, it’s probably the most non-used and worthless perk there is. At least on PC, dunno about consoles. Just seems like a wasted slot where something better could be.

Laser Beam Sights

They have the beams in single player of COD4, dunno why they didn’t add it to MP too.

360 / PC / PS3 Compatible

I know, I know. Everyone is going to start screaming that it’s impossible, it’s not impossible and I’m sick of hearing that. There should be some sort of OPTION, so I can play with my friends across all platforms. I understand the mouse gives me an advantage, I understand my graphics card gives me an advantage. Like I said before, if we can send men to the moon I’m pretty sure we can give the players the ability to play with their buddies across platforms. If IW makes this happen I will buy all the devs hookers form the bunny ranch and have them shipped to the IW headquarters. Make it happen! I want to shoot my friends in the face and then teabag them! ;D

Better Sniper Zoom

A perk that allows the sniper rifle to zoom in 2X or maybe even 3X like in Counter Strike Source.

OK that’s all for tonight, I can’t sift through anymore of the ideas. I have 200 comments in the blog post and 14 pages on the forum. Maybe I’ll update this post again tomorrow.